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Dear Guests! The main goal of the following information is to determine the rules of booking and renting our apartments. The act of booking is equivalent to accepting the Terms & Conditions. Once the reservation is made, the deal between  the owner of a particular property  and the client is considered concluded.




The prices on the website are highly competitive. All the prices provided after booking an apartment on  are final for the entire stay. The client does not have to incur any other additional, non-refundable costs, only the ones mentionned in the voucher generated by the system.




In order to make a reservation it is necessary to pay an advance or to secure it by a credit card. The advance can be transferred to the bank account given on the website or paid by a credit card.

Advance by a bank transfer
If the advance is paid by a bank transfer, the adequate sum has to be transferred immediately after making a reservation. The booking becomes confirmed once the payment is posted to the given bank account or a confirmation of the payment is sent to the system. Failure to do so within 48 hours automatically cancels the booking. Sending a confirmation of payment (.pdf file) accelerates the process of booking confirmation.

Advance by a credit card via online payment
If the advance is paid by a credit card, it has to be done within 60 minutes after making a booking. If the reservation is cancelled, the advance is non-refundable.The guest is obliged to pay the remaining sum upon the arrival to the apartment. The money is paid either at the reception or to a person  responsible for the keys.

The booking secured by a credit card
The reservation can be secured by a credit card. The rules of booking cancallation or change may be different for particular apartments. They are all stated precisely during the booking process.


Group reservations(3 apartments and up or more than 11 people) need to be secured by a non refundable prepayment of 30% of reservation.




Change of date of stay after paying the advance is possible when made up to 14 days ahead of the scheduled arrival. The length of stay has to remain the same. In case of cancellation, the advance is non-returnable. If you wish to cancel your reservation, please contact If the booking is secured by a credit card, please refer to the cancellation policies stated during the reservation process as well as in the voucher. Any potencial changes in reservations have to be discussed with our representative.




The arrival should take place  at a time agreed with a person responsible for the keys. The guests are required to inform this person about their planned arrival times up to one day before the beginning of their stay. The check-in time is determined by apartment owners and it can be found in the description of an apartment as well as in the voucher. If the guest is not able to come at a specified time, it will be required to contact the person responsible for the keys immediately. The guest is obliged  to pay the whole amount of  money stated in the voucher even if, for reasons independent of the owner, the arrival is delayed or the stay is reduced.

Minors check-in must be accompanied by an adult, who takes responsibility for the apartment.




It is possible to transfer all the rights of the reservation to another person on condition that all the personal information about the person aquiring the rights of the reservation is given to the owner. Simultaneously with the rights of the reservation this person takes over all the resulting from the booking.




The number of people staying in the apartment is limited to the number specified in the offer listed on If the number is exceeded, the person responsible for the keys may refuse to hand them over. The costumer is obliged to respect the rules of neighborliness as well as to keep the apartment in   the same condition they found it. The guest is obliged to inform the person rensponsible for the keys about any defects or lacks in the apartment immediately and also to report any damage caused by them (or any people or animals he bears responsibility for)during their stay. The guest shall cover the full cost of damage. The form of compensation is specified by the owner.




In case of unforseeable circumstances which cannot be removed by the usual means, the owner reserves the right to offer an equivalent accomodation, similar to the one originally booked. It also concerns the cases where the guest's safety or their property's safety) cannot be guranteed, for reasons beyond the owner's control.




The copyrights of all the materials available on belong to our partners or us. Copying information from our website is permitted for personal use only.




In case of any conflicts between the owner and the guest, the local law is applicable. All the  conflicts shall be solved by the competent court with a territorial jurisdiction covering the area of the head office of thr owner.


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